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Biting into Stereotypes
Cream Vintage Paper
I am obsessed in love with shoes.  I think I bite into the stereotypes of girls and their shoes, and independent girls everywhere are scowling and blaming me for their plight.  Men always say that women love their shoes and are all about their shoes.  For me, it's true.  But that just means that I'm another one of those girls who make it hard for those women who don't like their shoes all that much--you know, the ones who wear functional high heels instead of the ones that make your feet burn.

But I spend ages browsing pictures of shoes and wishing I had money to buy them.  I do this with clothes too but not as much.  I've come to the conclusion that if I had a choice between wearing a pretty dress with plain shoes or a plastic bag and the cutest shoes ever--I would pick the latter.  See?  Obsessed In love.

Have any of you discovered any new loves lately?  Or are you already biting into stereotypes?


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