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New Stories and Tumbling
Train Track Heels
 So if you haven't been hanging around FIA or FFN, you wouldn't have noticed the fact that I am indeed posting a new story.  I think everyone spoiled me with the plethora of reviews for Buttercup, and now I am doomed to feel a mite bit disappointed in the lack of reviews.  That being said, I'm very much a person who doesn't think too much of it, and I enjoy the sparse amount of reviews that I receive and appreciate the people that actually take the time to review.  I always have, even when I was receiving a ton for Buttercup.  There's something heartwarming about the fact that people will take the time to review my fics, mostly because I can never seem to find time to review other people's fics.  The busy, busy life of a college student.

Speaking of which, this week is my last week of classes.  Everybody jump up and rejoice with me.  I've been celebrating by working on a new fic, not the one I'm posting now.  I want to try and get a few chapters under my belt before I start posting this one.  Yes, I'm remaining very secretive about it.  But I will say that four chapters are finished, and I am currently on the fifth.  I do have to slow down on the writing though because finals are next week and studying is required.  Booo!

That's all for now folks!

P.S.  I have a Tumblr now.


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