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Summer Has Arrived!
Green Snakeskin
Birds are chirping as I sit inside in a large auditorium, my pencil scratching away at the thick packet that was no doubt once an entire young tree.  I'm almost at the end, writing down my final equation and solving the last problem.  I close the packet triumphantly, wish my professor a happy summer, and twirl out the room, humming to myself before breaking out into a robust song and dance down the green fields of my college campus.

Alright, that isn't how it happened.  But the feeling of elation was there as I walked out my final final exam.  The summer is officially here, and I started my first summer day of by being overcome with terrible allergies and lying in bed all day long.  It wasn't too awful, considering all I did was sleep.  There was no food in my apartment--college kids don't do grocery shopping during finals week--so sleeping seemed like the best bet.  My breakfast consisted of half a Kit Kat bar and lunch was crackers.  My sister brought home food for my dinner though.  She's so sweet.

I'm feeling better now and indulging in my guilty pleasure: browsing shoes and watching the House Hunters HGTV marathon.  Yes, I live on the wild side people.  Didn't you know?

Alas, I have nothing more to say.  Check out Ginny Weasley, Hit Wizards and drop me a line on what you think.  I'm hoping to come out with some more stories over the summer.  But we shall see.

Happy Summer!

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I occasionally indulge in a couple of hours of House Hunters as well, even though watching it gives me an extreme case of house envy. Also money envy.

Yay for the end of finals!

Lol. I agree with you though. On occasion, I get upset that they have that much money to spend and I'm eating crackers for lunch. Ha.

And wooohoo. Summer time!

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