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For Once . . .
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 I will not procrastinate on an assignment and actually try and complete it ages before the deadline--or at least before the day before the deadline as is my way.  Okay, well, I'm crossing my fingers that won't happen.  I can't make any guarantees though since I'm of the lazy sort.  But I'm on the right track since I have an idea of what I'm doing, and I have time on my hands, being summer and all.

But what I really want to talk about is my latest obsession: Hermione/Severus stories.  Alright, it's not a new obsession.  But I've been reading a bunch of HG/SS stories over the past two weeks or so.  And I have to say, some are good, although most of them are off on characterization of at least one of the characters.  However, if it works within the story parameters, I don't have an issue.  By far though, the funniest one I have ever read has to be:  The P-Word.  It's about an outbreak of priapism in the Wizarding world.  Yes, it's rated M.  But it's also hilariously funny and a rather fun read.

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