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As the World Goes Mad Over MTV Awards
Knocked Over Shoes
 At least Tom Felton won Best Villain.

I realized today that I have the most bizarre morning routine ever.  I wake up, roll around in my sheets, check my FF email account, have coffee, go on Tumblr, then Facebook, and drink more coffee.  Why can't I have some awesome morning routine like waking up and doing sun salutations or something?  Then I could say, "Oh, yes, I wake up every morning and do sun salutations.  There's no better way to start the day."  

So new goal: change morning routine.  It won't happen but I'll feel better for trying.  

This concludes random thought of the day that has absolutely nothing to do with the title of the post.

Au Revoir.

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My morning routine is not very bizarre, it's just very lazy. I wake up with just enough time to go where ever I needed to be. I don't even have the coffee and my emails go to my blackberry.

I don't even watch the movie awards anymore because proper actors and actresses can't win as long as the 'fans' are glorifying the bad acting in Twilight and the 'comedians' aren't even funny anymore. It just annoys me. Thank God Tom Felton can act and is being awarded for it.

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