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Sparkly Platform

So that image is of the Hershey Park area, about twenty minutes away from where I live. I happen to live on the Susquehanna river, which is at this moment flooding the banks--where my apartment building is located. I'm currently evacuated from my apartment and staying in a hotel with no clue as to when I'll be able to go back. To say it's disheartening would be an understatement.

Hershey Park

Town my school is located in.

And the image that makes me the most sad, the one five minutes down the road from my apartment building--pretty much what the outside of my apartment building looks like now.

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ohmygosh. i am so sorry! i'm glad you're safe *hugs*

Thanks. Just waiting to get the okay to go back home.

Oh no! Please be safe. Stick to higher ground and stay dry. *BIG HUGS*

I was fine at my hotel. My building, not so much.

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