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Down to the Wire is When I Finish
 That's right, only a few hours before the deadline and I am just now completing my story.  I'm extremely grateful to my beta for being able to do this rush job for me, and I shall have to give her extra cookies for it.  What a chore.  It's a good thing she loves me so.  If she read this, yes, I know you love me.  You can't live without me.  And the feeling is mutual. 

But woo!  I finished.  There was a small panicked moment where I thought it would never get done.  And then I was afraid that I would be put on the Wall of Shame, which would make my cry.  My DG friends would never talk to me again.  I would be scorned in the community (there's still a chance of this happening after my story is revealed).

Yes, I'm that dramatic.

Now, sick as I am, I can't wait for the night to come to a close so I can swallow all my medications and go to sleep--a nice, painless sleep.  I've been ill all week, which slowed down the writing process, and I had to stave off all medication today because it makes me drowsy.  I couldn't be drowsy and still complete my story.  So now I can go lose myself in medicine.

Hope everyone finished and had an easier, less panicked time than I.

Peace, Love, and Coconuts.  :D

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Easier and less panicked? Not at all. -___- Maybe if I'd gone to you for the cuddles and cookies like we'd planned I would have had an easier time. :D At least it's done now!

It's not my fault you never came to me for cuddles and cookies. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on you.


Well, at least you still have them. The plot bunnies have come after me, so I might need them in the near future. :D

I'll hold on to them for you.

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